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How to Write a Motivating Sports Speech

There are times that come up in the world of sports where you may have to come up with some sort of motivational speech. This is often quite true when it comes to being a coach or a manager of an organized speech at any level of sports. Motivational speeches are used to help the team become enthused ...more

Making Money Through Sports Trivia

So, you've been following your favorite sports team and reading all about them every time you get a chance, you probably think you know more about them than the next guy sitting next to you. If you can rattle of stats like it's nothing, you might want to be able to take that knowledge and do somethi ...more

How You Can Write for Sports Illustrated

Writing for any magazine is going to be a challenge and will require a lot of writing skills. If you are a lover of sports and would like to be able to write for someone like Sports Illustrated it's going to almost always going to require that you have already have professional writing experience. S ...more

How to Tape Up Your Wrists for Sports if They're Weak

Being involved in sports is a wonderful way to stay in shape and to have a lot of fun with others who enjoy the same thing that you are doing. But, it is also very important that you take care of yourself as well, especially against injuries. So, if you have weak joints or muscles, it's a good idea  ...more

Organizing Your Sports Card Collection

If you are just starting off collecting sports cards or have been doing it for awhile but haven't gotten around to organizing them, it might seem like a pretty daunting task, one you might be putting off. But if you want to be able to know what you have and be able to keep track of their value bette ...more

How to Put a Sports Jersey in a Frame

One really popular kind of sports memorabilia would be that of the sports jersey. These are generally worn by fans during games but they also can be used to decorate a room that has a sports theme. Hanging a jersey in a frame is a great way to preserve your jersey, especially if it's one that you ha ...more

Creating Your Own Sports Bar at Home

If you and your family and friends are really into sports and you have room for it, you might want to create your very own sports bar by designating one room in your house to serve as your very own personal sports bar. You can make yourself a very comfortable place where your friends will be begging ...more

Becoming a Professional Sports Talent Scout

Colleges and professional sports teams are always on the look out for new talent and one of the most effective ways that they find this talent is through the help of sports scouts. Because the sports scout is so important there is often times a lot of money out there for someone who is really good a ...more

Learning How to Coach Youth Sports

Our society a lot of the time appears to be quite sport oriented and so it's only a natural thing for kids to get interested in sports at an early age. The main reason for this is at an early age they either see their parents watching sports or participating in them. Whether it's football, soccer, h ...more

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